Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hot Librarian

There is a librarian at my local branch who is so completely hot.  He is kind of short, skinny, and wears glasses.  He even has a little bit of an overbite, PLUS he's a librarian - total geek job!  The perfect stereotypical nerdy guy! 

He always acts kind of detached, even though I try to engage him with a bit o' my feminine wiles.  He remains mostly aloof.  I wonder - is he shy?  Gay?  Asexual?  Just somehow not attracted to me?  Nervous?? 

Yesterday when I came in, there was no one at any of the windows.  One of his colleagues called to him, "Hey, there's a pretty lady who needs your help."  I jokingly did an exaggerated look over my shoulders.  "Where?  Oh... me???"  And I giggled.  He smiled, but still... just a small smile.  As he helped me, he made only a little eye contact, mostly looking at his computer screen. 

I can't help but fantasize about jumping over the counter and pushing him back in his chair, straddling him, grabbing his hair and making out with him.  Maybe grabbing his hand and leading down into the basement among the theses and dissertations where it smells like musty books... Where we could get a little more privacy, but still risk the thrill of possibly being discovered... 

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