Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hot Librarian

There is a librarian at my local branch who is so completely hot.  He is kind of short, skinny, and wears glasses.  He even has a little bit of an overbite, PLUS he's a librarian - total geek job!  The perfect stereotypical nerdy guy! 

He always acts kind of detached, even though I try to engage him with a bit o' my feminine wiles.  He remains mostly aloof.  I wonder - is he shy?  Gay?  Asexual?  Just somehow not attracted to me?  Nervous?? 

Yesterday when I came in, there was no one at any of the windows.  One of his colleagues called to him, "Hey, there's a pretty lady who needs your help."  I jokingly did an exaggerated look over my shoulders.  "Where?  Oh... me???"  And I giggled.  He smiled, but still... just a small smile.  As he helped me, he made only a little eye contact, mostly looking at his computer screen. 

I can't help but fantasize about jumping over the counter and pushing him back in his chair, straddling him, grabbing his hair and making out with him.  Maybe grabbing his hand and leading down into the basement among the theses and dissertations where it smells like musty books... Where we could get a little more privacy, but still risk the thrill of possibly being discovered... 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, April 18, 2011

Story Seeds - Your Input, Please!

Hi readers!

It's your turn to share what you'd like to see/read about.  What kind of sexy play with geeks would you like to read about?  Which type of nubile nerd would you like to ravish?  A librarian?  A rocket scientist?  A C++ programmer?  What would she or he be wearing?  A lab coat?  Sexy glasses?  A nerdy gamer t-shirt?  Where would you be?  At the loading dock of Frys Electronics?  In space with hawt astronauts?  Share your fantasies, fetishes, delicious morsels of your own experience, and any other ideas or tidbits you'd like incorporated into a story.  If you'd like, I'll credit you when I post the finished product!  Adult material is not only acceptable, but encouraged!  And the more specific you get, the better my story will be.  So go on - surprise, tantalize, and delight me with new material to write about, you dirty boys and girls! 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Argyle Hankies?!?

I was noodling around on Google, and found this Wikipedia page.  Go to there now and do a word search in your browser (Ctrl+F) to find the word "geek."

What?!?  Who knew?? 

Apparently I need to get me some argyle handkerchiefs!  Where do they even sell those?

Quiz: Are YOU a Geek Groupie?

If you're unsure whether you're a geekophile, ask yourself these questions:

Do you find yourself checking out the cute customers and sales clerks at Best Buy, Frys Electronics and Radio Shack? 

Have you ever adored a science or math teacher/professor?

Do you find yourself calling IT far more often than necessary JUST to chat up that adorable techie? 

Are you turned on by any of the material posted on this blog? 

Have you ever attended an anime or sci-fi convention, even though you have no interest in the content of the convention? 

Do you ever wonder what's under that white lab coat? 

Do you have a "thing" for glasses? 

Do you ever read XKCD, and rather than identifying with the protagonists, feel an urge to date them? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may very well be a Geek Groupie. 

Welcome home.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Geeks and Nerds Are Sexy Manifesto!

The following email lament to my friend, and his subsequent "quit whining and do it yourself!" reply, spurred me to create this very blog you're reading now, and as such, I view it as a bit of a manifesto for our geekophile cause!   

To: Friend
From: Sarah
Date: March 2011
Subject: I'm looking for a few good men... 

...geeky men. On film. X-rated film, that is.

This is the age of the Internet, which is RUN by geeks.  This is the age of the anything-goes, sub-sub-genre, micro-fetish adult film ("Furries Washing Dishes in Maid-Cat Costumes, But Only On Sundays In The Rectory After Church - Vol. 5").  So WHY is it so difficult to find good adult film with sexy nerdy boys in it?!  I demand my Geek Porn!

And when I say Geek Porn, I don't mean bad actors dressed up like Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk.  I also don't mean bad actresses with fake tits being "geeky" because their too-tiny shirts have pocket protectors on them (although that can be its own brand of hot).  I mean somebody needs to upload some real-life skinny boys fixing computers (or something) and then getting paid in blow jobs on amateur video to YouPorn!!

I mean, WHY in god's name would I want to fuck the proverbial pizza guy when I could fuck the guy who can build robots and have an intelligent conversation?? Give me some CREDIT here, adult entertainment industry! 

Am I really like Frankenstein's monster, doomed to walk the earth lowing and wailing in my lonely quest for my adult video companion???  I canNOT be the only person in this demographic.  Ok, and even IF the sexy geeks haven't yet met people like me IRL, don't you think at least SOME of them would be egotistical enough to make the videos, in the HOPE that geekophiles/Geek Groupies like me actually exist?!?

Some may say, "The thing you desire exists in real life; why do you need a porno for it?"  And to them, I say, "What's it to YOU, asshole? You've got all the White Girls Sucking Big Black Cock videos you can handle*, and THOSE things exist in real life, too!  So show me the website that glorifies geeks in all their sexy glory, or shut the fuck up!" 

~ Sarah

So Geek Groupies, I implore you to unite!  You have nothing to lose but poorly-written smut and unsatisfying porn! 

Welcome to Geeks and Nerds Are Sexy!

Hello, and welcome to Geeks and Nerds Are Sexy - a weblog for those who adore, admire, and fetishize geeks, nerds, and intellectuals of all stripes!

This blog will contain ADULT MATERIAL.  Now you can't say you haven't been warned. 

My name is Sarah Salacious, and my vision with this project is to create a place where those of us who love geeks, nerds, and other intellectuals (often commonly referred to as "geeks" or "nerds") can turn for a steady supply of fodder for our fantasies.

To be clear, this blog is not dedicated to things our beloved geeks, nerds or intellectuals themselves adore; rather this blog is dedicated to the Geek, the Nerd, and the Intellectual herself/himself!

I'm a writer, so I expect I'll be posting some pretty steamy original pieces about the socially awkward objects of our affection.  I'll also be shamelessly linking to material I didn't create, and as such, I welcome your input!  Send me links, photos, videos, and stories of your own at sexpositivestories@gmail.com or comment on my posts! 

Please note that I am a sex positive bisexual woman, and this blog will be pansexual

And now, without further ado, I present to you: the Geeks and Nerds are Sexy Manifesto!