Monday, April 18, 2011

Story Seeds - Your Input, Please!

Hi readers!

It's your turn to share what you'd like to see/read about.  What kind of sexy play with geeks would you like to read about?  Which type of nubile nerd would you like to ravish?  A librarian?  A rocket scientist?  A C++ programmer?  What would she or he be wearing?  A lab coat?  Sexy glasses?  A nerdy gamer t-shirt?  Where would you be?  At the loading dock of Frys Electronics?  In space with hawt astronauts?  Share your fantasies, fetishes, delicious morsels of your own experience, and any other ideas or tidbits you'd like incorporated into a story.  If you'd like, I'll credit you when I post the finished product!  Adult material is not only acceptable, but encouraged!  And the more specific you get, the better my story will be.  So go on - surprise, tantalize, and delight me with new material to write about, you dirty boys and girls! 


1 comment:

  1. My personal preference would be something that happened in the server room, after hours, while the two IT coworkers are working side by side on particularly difficult server. Perhaps they have opened it up and are peering into its depths close enough to kiss? They would both be dressed in their IT uniforms; jeans and some sort of top, both bespectacled. The notion of forbidden romance would be heavy here, since they're coworkers, yet all alone together...