Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Argyle Hankies?!?

I was noodling around on Google, and found this Wikipedia page.  Go to there now and do a word search in your browser (Ctrl+F) to find the word "geek."

What?!?  Who knew?? 

Apparently I need to get me some argyle handkerchiefs!  Where do they even sell those?


  1. They used to sell argyle hankies in Japan, but they're out of stock now.

  2. According to the footnote: "(The argyle) pattern first came into use about the year 1998 with the rise of geek culture during the dot-com era." < That's so not true! I've seen old 50s movies with geeks wearing argyle sweaters and socks and such and they looked so un-sexy, sorry to say.